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MAX: Thanks, MASKC!

My owner could not keep me, so Cedar Valley Humane Society found me a new home. But they could not have done so without the help and support of M.A.S.K.C. Thank you M.A.S.K.C.

Komondor Videos!

While trying to find where else “haromhegyi_11m 006.avi” might be shared, I stumbled upon “YouRepeat.com”. So many Komondor videos neatly tucked into Read More

Meet Bunny!

Meet Bunny who lives in Florida and just LOVES the water! Enjoy these pictures of Audrey and Bunny on a recent trip to the beach. If these pictures don’t make you smile…


I want to thank people for their interest in adopting Leela and Barley. Their owner relocated to KY and decided to place them in a home nearby, rather than turn them over to the Middle Atlantic States Komondor Club rescue and have them go to a home some distance away. However, I am very happy to report that the owner allowed our Club to pay for having both girls spayed before placement and both dogs are now up to date on vaccines. I especially want to thank Grants Lick Veterinary Hospital for all they did for both dogs and for assisting our Club Rescue.